yoga for healthy lower backs

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Looking to Help Yourself to Improved Comfort, Health and Well-being.  Read more to see what ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ Course Offers you.

Download the information leaflet here Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Trifold Info Leaflet vSept2018

‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ (YHLB) 12-class Course Gives You… A Help Yourself, Mind-Body, Life-Long Tool-kit.


  • A self-empowering 12-class course taught over 3-4 months by a highly-skilled and well-trained Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs registered teacher.

  • Learn to help yourself to improved comfort, health and well-being for now and the future. 


  • Unique, strongly evidence-based classes taught according to 12 YHLB class plans, accompanied by comprehensive evidence-based educational resources for long-term self-management.


How to sign up?

  • You must pre-book a place on a course by contacting me directly on 07973638126 or for further information on upcoming courses.  You will need to get a Resources Pack from our not-for-profit social enterprise prior to attending the 12-week course in order to help yourself for the long-term.  Thank you for understanding that you all need to begin together and this might mean waiting for a course start-date.

  • Yoga before? – attend a YHLB course and enjoy going back to yoga foundations to help long-term, to help inform your general class practice and to encourage safe and effective home practice.

Please note that your teacher is already a qualified and experienced yoga teacher who has additionally trained in the specific specialised evidence-based ‘Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs’ programme. 

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